Boat Tuna Boat
Tuna Boat
The face of the card (Japanese version).
Type Primary Industry
Cost 5
Activation 12 to 14
On anyone's Turn: The current player rolls 2 dice. If you have a harbor you get as many coins as the dice total.
Tuna Boat is a Primary Industry card in Machi Koro, available in the Harbor Expansion. Use of the card requires the player to also have a Harbor.

Gameplay Edit

If any player has the Tuna Boat when the card's activation number range of 12 through 14 is rolled by any player, the current player (whoever has just rolled 12 through 14) rolls 2 dice. Every player with a Tuna Boat and a Harbor gets as many coins as the dice total, multiplied by the number of Tuna Boats they own.

"The dice rolled to determine income from the Tuna Boat do not affect and are not affected by any other Landmark or Establishment. The roll does not activate anything, including the Amusement Park on a roll of doubles. You only make this roll once, even if you have several Tuna Boats." — Harbor Expansion manual

Strategy Edit

The per-turn expected value of the card depends on whether the player owns a Harbor or not, and whether they roll one die or use the Train Station to roll two; it also depends on an incalculable constant: the probability that the player will use the Harbor's ability to add 2 to the dice total. This probability is naturally higher for players who own Tuna Boats, as opposed to those without.

A formula for the per-turn value of the card.


A formula for the per-turn value of the card.

The card's value is multiplied again by how many Tuna Boats the player owns. `