Every time you collect for one of your buildings containing a 'coffee cup' symbol or the 'bread' symbol, you gain extra coins. For example, I have the Shopping Mall in play and I own 2 bakeries ('bread'), 1 Cafe ('coffee cup'), 3 Convenience Stores (#4, bread), and 2 Restaurants (coffee cup). 

I roll a 3: I collect 4 coins, one for each of my 2 bakeries, plus 1 bonus for each bakery because of the Shopping Mall. 

Another player rolls a 3: I collect 2 coins from him rather than 1 coin for my Cafe. 

I roll a 4 (Convenience Store) and since it has a bread symbol, I collect 12 coins (4 coins per card rather than 3 coins per card).

Another player rolls a 9 or 10. My Restaurant pays off and since I own 2, he pays me 6 rather than 4 coins.

This happens every time those numbers are rolled the rest of the game. You collect one extra coin per card of the number rolled.