Café is an example of a Restaurants card.

Restaurants is one of the four types of Establishments in Machi Koro. Restaurant cards have a red theme, and when a player owns a Restaurants card whose activation number is rolled by someone else, they are paid coins from the person who rolled the dice.

Gameplay Edit

If more than one type of Establishment is activated by the same die roll, Restaurants are the first to be activated, followed by Secondary and Primary Industry, and finally Major Establishments. This pattern roughly follows the order of the colors of the rainbow.

If a player rolls the activation number of other players' cards, and therefore owes them money, but does not have money to pay them, then they pay as much as they can, and stop paying when they run out of money. They do not become indebted in any way.

If a player owes money to more than one player, they pay each player in an order opposite of the order of gameplay. This means that some players may receive the full amount they are owed while some may receive a partial payment, or no payment at all.