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Harbor Expansion is an expansion set for Machi Koro that adds new industries, establishments, and landmarks to the game. The Harbor Expansion includes copies of the starter cards and landmarks from the base Machi Koro set, allowing the maximum number of players to be increased to five. It also includes rules for the 5-5-2 variant setup and gameplay.

Card list Edit

Card Image Type Icon Cost Activation Quantity Introduced in
Wheat Field Wheat Field Primary Industry Wheat 1 1 1 starter Base game
Flower Orchard Flower Orchard Primary Industry Wheat 2 4 6 Harbor Expansion
Mackerel Boat Mackerel Boat Primary Industry Boat 2 8 6 Harbor Expansion
Tuna Boat Tuna Boat Primary Industry Boat 5 12-14 6 Harbor Expansion
Bakery Bakery Secondary Industry Bread 1 2-3 1 starter Base game
Flower Shop Flower Shop Secondary Industry Bread 1 6 6 Harbor Expansion
Food Warehouse Food Warehouse Secondary Industry Factory 2 12-13 6 Harbor Expansion
Sushi Bar Sushi Bar Restaurants Cup 4 1 6 Harbor Expansion
Pizza Joint Pizza Joint Restaurants Cup 1 7 6 Harbor Expansion
Hamburger Stand Hamburger Stand Restaurants Cup 1 8 6 Harbor Expansion
Stadium Stadium Major Establishment Major 6 6 1 Base game
TV Station TV Station Major Establishment Major 7 6 1 Base game
Business Center Business Center Major Establishment Major 8 6 1 Base game
Publisher Publisher Major Establishment Major 5 7 5 Harbor Expansion
Tax Office Tax Office Major Establishment Major 4 8-9 5 Harbor Expansion
City Hall City Hall Landmarks Major 0 N/A 5 Harbor Expansion
Harbor Harbor Landmarks Major 2 N/A 5 Harbor Expansion
Train Station Train Station Landmarks Major 4 N/A 1 Base game
Shopping Mall Shopping Mall Landmarks Major 10 N/A 1 Base game
Amusement Park Amusement Park Landmarks Major 16 N/A 1 Base game
Radio Tower Radio Tower Landmarks Major 22 N/A 1 Base game
Airport Airport Landmarks Major 30 N/A 5 Harbor Expansion