Wheat Flower Orchard
Flower Orchard
The face of the card (Japanese version).
Type Primary Industry
Cost 2
Activation 4
You get 1 coin from the bank, on anyone's turn.
Flower Orchard is a Primary Industry card in Machi Koro, introduced in the Harbor Expansion.

Gameplay Edit

When the card's activation number of four is rolled by any player, the player with the card gets 1 coin from the bank on anyone's turn.

Strategy Edit

The per-turn value of the card depends on whether the player uses the Train Station establishment to roll two dice:

$ value = \begin{cases} 1 \times 1/6, & \mbox{if player rolls one die} \\ 1 times 3/36, & \mbox{if player rolls two dice} \\ \end{cases} $