Bread Convenience Store
Convenience Store
The face of the card (Japanese version).
Type Secondary Industry
Cost 2
Activation 4

Convenience Store is a Secondary Industry card in Machi Koro, available in the base game.

Gameplay Edit

When the card's activation number of 4 is rolled by the player with the card, the player with the card gets 3 coins from the bank.

Strategy Edit

The per-turn value of the card depends on whether the player uses the Train Station establishment to roll two dice.

$ value = \begin{cases} 3 \times 1/6, & \mbox{if player rolls one die} \\ 3 \times 3/36, & \mbox{if player rolls two dice} \\ \end{cases} $


$ value = \begin{cases} 0.5, & \mbox{if player rolls one die} \\ 0.25, & \mbox{if player rolls two dice} \\ \end{cases} $

The value is again multiplied by how many Convenience Stores the player has.